Did you know that 90% of companies that suffered data loss shut shop within two years? Data security and data privacy have been major concerns for corporations. The incidence of data theft has increased by 15% since 2014 and has majorly affected organizations such as Harvard University, Kaspersky Lab and several global banks. Hacking, theft, loss, insider misuse and even carelessness on the part of employees could compromise crucial business data. This, not only translates into severe financial loss but also impacts the credibility and reputation of your brand negatively.

Cloud security is an amalgamation of various factors like compliance, governance, technology, disaster recovery planning and organizational policies that protect your organization’s data and ensure efficient records management. Organizations should be able to incorporate the above factors through five fundamental practices.

Assigning accountability

Make sure you strengthen your defense by integrating storage security into your security policies and architecture. There should be a specific chain of command consisting of individuals and groups with the responsibility to implement the established processes. With highly sensitive data, it is important to divide access and controls to ensure multi-level security. It’s always a good practice to let a document administrator entrust the responsibility of work execution to another person. This minimises the risk of data compromises. ViewMyRecords provides a secure document management system (DMS) where the owner of the document can assign viewing, printing or downloading rights to others.

Risk analysis and evaluation

A comprehensive risk evaluation will expose the vulnerabilities within the system and suitable remedial action can be initiated. It is important to identify highly sensitive data and implement end-to-end tight chain of control through an efficient document management system/software (DMS).

A fool-proof information protection policy

A multi-layered data protection process is essential to data security. This can include multiple authentication, encryption and anti-spoofing measures. Tight access controls based on authority, time period, context and sensitivity need to be defined by your document management system/software (DMS). ViewMyRecords, for instance, provides Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption – where a document owner can secure documents using his/her own encryption key. In addition to encryption, activity logs of documents must be maintained to track the cause of a problem if things went wrong. Similarly, organisations must also conduct background checks on their cloud storage providers to ensure that critical data does not move in to wrong hands.

Communicate processes of document management system (DMS)

Data loss and breach of security are business issues that can affect your market standing and the bottom line. It is important to update stakeholders about the information security policy of the company. Also, all employees must be trained on the best data security practices, educated on due processes and turned into gatekeepers of organizational data.

Information security plan execution

It is important to execute and test your information security plan. All tools, technologies and processes must be checked for proper security execution. Every conceivable threat scenario needs to be tested, documented and updated.

Cloud storage providers must also work in tandem with client organizations to ensure fool proof security measures. This includes all processes of document management system (DMS) such as effective communication about encryption, policies and programs along with organizational vigilance in terms of individual and organizational controls and culpability. In short, cloud storage providers must go beyond document storage and provide users with an unparalleled experience that addresses their document storage and security concerns. ViewMyRecords is one such cloud document management system/ storage provider whose rich features are several notches better than certain world class services. It provides the least interference with the working style of the organisation and its employees.

In addition to document management system(DMS), View my records also provides cataloguing management and offsite physical storage as other key services.