Workflow Management System

Streamline workflows, build efficiency

Processes are often hindered by the inefficient ways in which we store and use data. Strategically share data across teams, and build processes that bridge silos, automate tasks, and create streamlined, transparent workflows within your organization.

Empower your knowledge workers


Ease collaboration across teams, allowing participation and contribution of ideas across silos.


Automate repetitive tasks to boost productivity and supercharge efficiency. Capture the information needed to build powerful business intelligence.


Create systems to track progress and make requests. Reduce the risk of improper approvals, errors and rework.

Smoothly Transform Your Organization

  • Equip knowledge workers with actionable data & insights.
  • Automate and streamline processes without intervention.
  • Create multiple reporting abilities from internal to external, both push & pull.
  • Easy to use interface to build & modify workflows.
  • Quick integrations with any of your existing business applications.
  • Comes with DMS for data that is not yet stored hereto.

VMR treats WMS as the smart layer of your Intelligent Digital Ecosystem

VMR BI is the Knowledge & Wisdom Tier that implements Business Intelligence, AI & ML guided growth.

VMR Workflows is the Information Tier with Actionable data & automated workflows.

VMR DMS builds the Data Tier with new, critical legacy data & established usage governance.

Choose from cloud or on-premise solutions based on your business needs (Talk to our expert today)


Use Our Domain Agnostic End-to-End Digital Solution

HR & Employee Management

Ease Maintainance,  storage and retrieval of employee records. And automate processes such as document collection, candidate screening, and employee training.

Compliance & Records management

Use reminders to improve any regulatory compliance.

IP & Patent management

Securely store  IP documents in a centralized location while enabling safe collaboration.

Vendor Management

Store and share vendor records remotely and securely. Automate reminders and enable collaboration.

Materials Management

Enable better supply chain management and inventory tracking.

Certifications Management

Securely manage certificates and records across your organisation.

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