Do you remember the days when you went to school lugging the heavy bag? Homework meant reams of paperwork and library schedules that ate into your beloved PT time. But in the days of smart classrooms, Kindle and digital connectivity, students have information on the go.

With the next generation document management system, students, researchers and educational institutions can access files, backup important documents and carry their very own repositories of knowledge everywhere. The flipside, however, is that students can no longer say that the dog ate their homework.

Online central repository

You might have worked all night to complete your report only to lose it to a system malfunction or power outage. But with cloud storage solutions, it is easy to store and maintain a back-up of your important work without fear.

Enhanced security

Cloud storage services need to be able to provide more than just closet space. ViewMyRecords, for instance, is a feature-rich cloud storage provider that allows multiple levels of authentication and encryption that ensure that your data is safe. Our cloud document management system also lets you track the user activity on a document, thereby reducing the chances of security risks and malpractice.

Easy share and collaboration

Imagine a scenario where students can connect with their teachers over their work-in-progress assignments. They can share and enjoy group projects with multi-access capabilities through the document management software. You can also share the access with other scholars and researchers anywhere in the world and enrich your database with their inputs. Premier storage providers like ViewMyRecords have sophisticated collaboration programs where everybody with authorized access can work on the project simultaneously – a high-standard feature better than world-class products.

Store and access multiple files

Anything and everything – from documents, audio files, video recordings, schedules, reports to bulky PDFs can be in your online cloud storage repository. Our cloud document management system comes with unlimited storage options to accommodate your growing portfolio. So, you need to access an old student’s marks cards for re-issue? It can be done instantly! You can access the same with your mobile phone, tablet or a laptop. Cloud storage providers like ViewMyRecords provide structured documentation with template records and index search. With a powerful search facility, you can easily reach out and organise your information.

Cloud storage solutions are becoming the new normal for students, researchers and educational institutions. These next generation solutions are inexpensive and enable real time access, authorized sharing and security

In addition to document management system(DMS), View my records also provides cataloguing management and offsite physical storage as other key services.