Micro, small and medium enterprises are embracing digitization which levels the playing field with easy access to markets, better communication through social media and constant customer interaction. Today, operational efficiency is further increased through cloud document management systems that enable better document organization and management. A large majority of MSMEs are utilizing cloud storage instead of expensive and space-intensive on-site solutions.

But it is important to ask the right questions before jumping on to the cloud document management system bandwagon. In order to provide the best document management system for small business, ViewMyRecords offers a cost-effective cloud storage service with unlimited storage options and enhanced security, ensuring better mobility for employees. SMEs can therefore invest their limited budget in other business aspects which are equally important, such as customer interaction and innovation which would give them a competitive edge.

Better utilization of resources

MSMEs must opt for a cloud document management system provider that can provide foolproof data security with quick storage and retrieval facility. This frees up critical manpower and financial resources in maintaining onsite storage systems. Many MSMEs can thus optimize their resources which ultimately reflects on the bottom line.

Easy collaboration

Online cloud storage ensures on-demand access of data. Majority of the workforce are highly mobile and require frequent interaction with customers, authorities and other stakeholders. It is imperative that they easily identify and retrieve data on the go. Index-based, structured storage, multi-file display, multi-platform supports and powerful search capabilities in the document management system are therefore, highly necessary to support high mobility levels.

Smart pricing

Digitization is key to success in today’s age. But investments in state-of-the-art technology and solutions can be tough for mom and pop businesses. Therefore, they need to look for cost-effective alternatives that can safeguard their data. VMR’s smart pricing provides a pay-as-you-go option which helps reduce upfront investments in cloud storage. This is a crucial question that needs to be asked while investing in next generation technology.

As digital and e-commerce ventures are making a mark and surpassing brick and mortar enterprises, it is important for MSME’s to make suitable investments that can deliver optimum usage of resources. Big league investments in big data, private clouds and smart spaces call for a document management system that offer proper data storage and security

In addition to document management system(DMS), View my records also provides cataloguing management and offsite physical storage as other key services.