Offsite document storage services are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by enabling easy compliance with regulatory norms and transparent access to data. As healthcare entities expand, it is important to integrate disparate systems in order to deliver information to the physician and patient instantly, and enable faster diagnosis and collaborative care. Let’s look at three compelling reasons why cloud document management system in healthcare is an inevitable reality that is about to take the industry by storm:

Offsite document storage and Records Management

Physicians across the world are required to keep track of multiple documents ranging from patient information, insurance records to medico-legal files for the perusal of courts. According to a recent study, healthcare data doubles every 18 months. Also, all healthcare entities are required to hold on to patient information for a specific time period to meet regulatory compliance. Hence there is a need to have an efficient records management system such as cloud document management system.

The physical maintenance (Offsite document storage) of the above ever-increasing crucial information comes with inherent security risks and added costs. However, cloud storage systems can address these concerns and also facilitate on-demand access to records. So, a physician can instantly access the entire treatment history as soon as the patient walks through the door. The eternal wait for test results to be hand-delivered or preloaded into the system is over as the electronic document management system can retrieve all the necessary information in a jiffy. This would further ensure speedy diagnosis and treatment that can save lives.

End-to-end communication and collaboration

Healthcare entities are providing complete end-to-end services from medical diagnostic procedures to patient treatment. Cloud storage services for healthcare is a medical document management system provided by ViewMyRecords which is packed with high-end sharing capabilities and security features. Our cloud document management system can ensure seamless collaboration between doctors, front desk employees, diagnostic centres and patients. In addition to being able to access patient reports on cloud using their smartphones, laptops and desktops, they can also share these files on the go with a tap on the phone. This drives efficiency within the hospital/clinic and ensures that the best patient care is delivered instantly.

Blurring of boundaries

Modern healthcare professionals are not constrained by time and space boundaries, thanks to the technological advances such as cloud document management system. The Easy file transfer and sharing facility enables quick access to historical and current patient data. This has immensely benefited telemedicine where doctors are not bound by geography, commute or information lag. Patients in mofussil regions need not travel long journeys for check-ups with doctors in urban centres. In developing countries, where rural areas lag behind in health care access, cloud storage solutions can help in bringing patients and doctors together.

Though sceptics may raise security of data as a concern when health care entities opt for cloud storage, 83% of the breaches happen due to a poor records management system such as theft from unencrypted laptops of health care providers. It is time to dispel the myth that on-site / offsite document storage systems are safer. In fact, with multiple levels of authentication and encryption, feature-rich cloud document management system such as cloud storage solutions by ViewMyRecords can guarantee high levels of security to documents. Cloud storage systems are imperative in today’s health care ecosystem which thrives on patient-doctor collaboration.

In addition to document management system(DMS), View my records also provides cataloguing management and offsite document storage as other key services.