Document Management System

Unleash your data’s true potential

A well-planned document management system is the foundation of an intelligent digital ecosystem. It transforms how you store, use and share critical documents & containing data across your organization. Learn how our solution cost-effectively digitizes your critical documents’ data and creates easy & highly secured data retrieval systems. All of these systems will be setup in weeks, rather than months.

Get your business ready for post Covid period.

We get your data on the cloud, safe & with relevant access control permissions.
Your employees can securely work from remote locations & home.

Convert every document into an asset


Timely and easy document retrieval saves time and costs. You create transparent processes where teams can share and view critical data easier and faster. And Critical Data is now ready-to-use for creating workflows,  gathering valuable insights and business intelligence.


Physical documents are vulnerable to accidents, theft and natural calamities. Keep data safe by seamlessly mapping it to a secure, encrypted, centralized digital repository. Multi-level, permission-based access with automated expiry adds an extra layer of security. Go On Prem or Secure Cloud depending on your organisation’s infrastructure


Provide faster delivery and improved customer experience by using our robust platform. Engage customers, partners, or vendors across ecosystem’s  business processes & service delivery. Enable notifications and timely visibility to information to the relevant decisionaries of the process.

Smoothly Transform Your Organization

  • Scan, catalog, tag and label critical legacy data.
  • Include certificates, reports, medical files, land records, legal documents.
  • Create efficient data entry systems for fresh data entry.
  • Avail established, easy search and retrieval mechanisms.
  • Establish multiple access levels for data & records
  • Set view & analysis permissions for different roles, groups.

VMR treats DMS as the foundation of your Intelligent Digital Ecosystem

VMR BI is the Knowledge & Wisdom Tier that implements Business Intelligence, AI & ML guided growth.

VMR Workflows is the Information Tier with Actionable data & automated workflows.

VMR DMS builds the Data Tier with new, critical legacy data & established usage governance.

Choose from cloud or on-premise solutions based on your business needs (Talk to our expert today)


Use Our Domain Agnostic End-to-End Digital Solution

HR & Employee Management

Ease Maintainance,  storage and retrieval of employee records. And automate processes such as document collection, candidate screening, and employee training.

Compliance & Records management

Use reminders to improve any regulatory compliance.

IP & Patent management

Securely store  IP documents in a centralized location while enabling safe collaboration.

Vendor Management

Store and share vendor records remotely and securely. Automate reminders and enable collaboration.

Materials Management

Enable better supply chain management and inventory tracking.

Certifications Management

Securely manage certificates and records across your organisation.

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