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Main Features

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Security from natural document risks like wear and tear, loss due to natural calamities like fire, flood, earthquakes or other accident

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SAAS Cloud offering: no updating, no maintenance, no space constraints for a low investment

offsite document storage services

Ethical storage with strict privacy rules, even we can’t access your records without your permission

offsite storage solutions

Index records such that a single record is available: in multiple groups, tagged auto groups, chronologically etc.

digital record management software

Templatize records, index, search, organize and set reminders

document management system software

Share records with others in a variety of controls; authorization, time based, context, sensitivity etc.

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Set auto destruction on records based on privacy, age, value, expiration, legality etc.

enterprise document management software

Mobile ready: Access, upload, manage and share records via any smart phone, tablet

How to use ViewMyRecords

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1. Collate, scan and upload.

electronic records management software

2. Categorise, tag and templatise.

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3. Share, set permissions and reminders.

How you can use ViewMyRecords

legal records management software

Individuals & Family

Imagine an emergency where in you need access to your Medical Records, Health insurance Policy, Travel documents, wanting to know about the latest status on the medical tests along with complete medical history record of your near and dear, want to take second opinion on health

You, have moved to your new residence and you may want to make sure that all the relevant documents you are holding are updated with new address.

You can use ViewMyRecords as a one stop solution to digitize, store, controlled share, collaborate all types of documents such as: Medical Records, Insurance Policies, Investment documents, Property papers, Tax Receipts, Vehicle Certificates, SSN, PAN, Passport , Examination certificates, Grade/Mark Cards, Legal Will.

In case of any natural disasters like Fire / Flood / Earthquake / Tornado or Accident / Theft / Riot / death, you can get access to the electronic format of the documents. A powerful search engine and physical location tagging facility will let you know in a jiffy the location where your original document is stored.

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Healthcare Professionals (Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals)

Stay Connected with your patients and diagnostic centers by storing/exchanging and collaborating on patient records/reports to enable seamless communications as well a reference point for any discussions in the future.

Use the same medium to enable storage, retrieval and auto destruction of personal documents that are stored safely and securely and with access controls that protect privacy and confidentiality of documents. This will help you to service your obligations towards government bodies (MCI) in terms of storage of records for at least 3 years.

Imagine you have requested for a specific Test or Scan to be done by patient, and after he/she does it, you get report on your desktop/laptop/PDA/Smartphone directly wherever you are. So now, you can look at it and consult with a patient/nursing home/hospital for further course of actions. And if all is normal, you have avoided a visit by a patient, saving you some time or allowing you to see new patient!

You can also review the patient history online from any location. Avoiding a visit to nursing home/hospital at odd hours and save on travel time.

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Legal Professionals (Attorney, Advocates and Law firms)

Imagine you have travelled to another location and cannot return to your base location due to some exigency, and you have to give some direction to your juniors on some other case!. Maternity break for women legal professionals, or worst case of natural calamity like fire, flooding, earthquake or, hospitalization….

Tired of carrying reams of papers and files to the courts, to the conference room and discussion with your customers! Store them in a safe and secure infrastructure and access it whenever you need it.

Enable others involved in the case to view, annotate and express their view on the same document by providing them with restricted access, making it easy for all the parties to participate, contribute and enable the exchange of ideas, thoughts. And this is w/o the need to print, distribute and carry files and papers all around.

Law firms can archive standard forms for repeat use, manage legal documents with precise document description and also improve systems of client management. ViewMyRecords provides best legal records management software

records management software

Finance Professionals (Company Secretaries , Chartered Accountants and Accountancy firms)

Company secretaries, you can store all Board Meeting Resolutions online and access them for submission whenever required. All submissions and certificates such as Registrar Of Companies, Shops & Establishment, Provident Fund, Pension Fund, ESI, STPI, PCBs. can be readily available to you at your fingertips. With all this information available to you online, you can transact your business at your own office and avoid this hassle of travel each day.

Chartered accountants and Accounting firms, you can now get online repository of all required documents such as Auditing and taxation reports, business, finance and investment planning documents etc., and can collaborate with clients and specialists on the same.

You are no more at mercy of your ex-employee to find a document, a powerful search engine and physical location tagging facility within the application will do this in jiffy. This will also ensure a structured way of document storage. You can now store a repository of up-to-date forms online and easily share the same with clients online.

The Team

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Milind M Joshi

An entrepreneurial leader and business transformation strategist with 35 years of progressive experience, equally spread over IT industry and ITES sector, Milind Joshi has a proven record of establishing and evolving profit centers and sustaining productive relationships with leading companies and key clients across the globe.

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Mohini Joshi

Quality and Analytics professional who combines her excellent data analytical insights to come to correct solution, Mohini is an effective Change Management Agent with high interpersonal skills.

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Hemanth KS

Hemanth has experience in providing web based solutions across domains. He is responsible for designing document/record management system and Define the product roadmap.

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Mr. Pramod Kulkarni

Dynamic career with 34 years of global experience in India, Indonesia & ASEAN. Domain Expertise in Sales & Marketing, R&D, Project & Program Management, New Product Development. Achieving business growth & profit objectives across start-up, turnaround and rapid-change environment. Now responsible for Sales & Marketing at ViewMyRecords