Business Intelligence

Scale up your Business Intelligence

Empower decision-making for knowledge workers across your organization using Machine Learning insights. Insulate your decisions from human bias, and use intelligent algorithms to process data in linear and non-linear ways to reduce risks and identify opportunities.

Take Charge with AI-Driven Insights


Leverage data & insights to move your organisation towards data driven decisioning. Mine deep value hidden in large chunks of data spread across different systems.


Get a clearer picture of your data by eliminating cognitive biases that hamper traditional decision-making. Use algorithms to crunch and make a better sense of data based on behaviours and patterns.


Utilize predictive algorithms to detect inefficiencies, risk patterns or customer opportunities that may go unnoticed in your large data records. Lead your organisation’s growth and enter the next era of business.

Make the move from data-driven to intelligence-driven

  • Data driven insights dashboards.
  • Use machine learning algorithms to process your data to generate possibilities.
  • Identify inefficiencies and steer towards faster & better results.
  • Hedge against Risks of old world ways.
  • See future business opportunities for growth.

VMR treats BI as the Knowledge & Wisdom of your Intelligent Digital Ecosystem

VMR BI is the Knowledge & Wisdom Tier that implements Business Intelligence, AI & ML guided growth.

WMR Workflows is the Information Tier with Actionable data & automated workflows.

VMR DMS builds the Data Tier with new, critical legacy data & established usage governance.

Choose from cloud or on-premise solutions based on your business needs (Talk to our expert today)


Use Our Domain Agnostic End-to-End Digital Solution

HR & Employee Management

Ease Maintainance,  storage and retrieval of employee records. And automate processes such as document collection, candidate screening, and employee training.

Compliance & Records management

Use reminders to improve any regulatory compliance.

IP & Patent management

Securely store  IP documents in a centralized location while enabling safe collaboration.

Vendor Management

Store and share vendor records remotely and securely. Automate reminders and enable collaboration.

Materials Management

Enable better supply chain management and inventory tracking.

Certifications Management

Securely manage certificates and records across your organisation.

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