Document Management System

Smoothly Transform Your Organization

VMR DMS has OCR, data capture and workflow automation software makes document creation and sharing a breeze. Reduce the cost of compliance with electronic records management

VMR DMS brings all of your documents into one place that can be accessed anywhere on any device and at any time quickly, easily and securely.

VMR DMS supports different file formats of digital documents (word, excel, pdf, word, jpg.dwg,dwx) . It allows users to build documents, lock content, and forward files in one convenient platform

Licensing Model for both On-premise or On-cloud is based on the number of users.
Security and Accessibility

– Store and share electronic documents efficiently, securely and cost-effectively

– Gain peace of mind knowing you can restrict access to documents, information and externally shared links.

– Bring together digital files from multiple locations and sources in a unified repository with configurable security

– Reduce duplicate or inaccurate documents with version control that keeps all parties on the same page

– Apply Document Annotations

– Add sticky notes, textboxes, highlights and more, to documents

Manage all project documents at a Central Repository - Single Source Of Truth

– Track Project Deliverables, Documents, Drawings, Tasks etc

– Access the Latest Versions of Documents and Drawings

– Automate the core process of Engineering Design Review Cycle

– Automate Creation and Sending of Transmittals

Keep Track of Document Versions

– Track, display and compare multiple versions of the same document in one place

Content Wherever, Whenever

– Streamline daily tasks and collaboration by gathering digital files into a central repository

Save Paper and Storage Space

– Eliminate costly file cabinets by digitizing all paper documents and paper printouts

– Reclaim storage rooms and create offices for staff

– An eco-friendly option to reduce carbon footprint.

Locate Content Quickly

– Organize all your information to make faster, better business decisions

– Find exactly what you’re looking for with robust search functionality

– Search for documents by keyword, identifying information, user name, and many other custom search types

Audit Your Repository

– Track and audit every action on documents and folders throughout the enterprise

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