Life for a professional today is infinitely more challenging than it was even a decade earlier. Consider this, an architect is working at the site of an on-going project when he gets a call from a hot prospect asking about a detail on a proposed floor plan. That one detail is all they need to seal the deal.The architect’s plans, drawings and entire pitch proposal are at his office. It would take him at least two hours to refer to the files and respond to the prospective client’s query. While this would have been an acceptable situation a decade earlier, today, a two-hour delay will probably cost the architect the deal. Success in today’s competitive business world requires on-time, on-demand availability and responsiveness. What this architect and countless others like him across professions need right now is a secure way of storing mission-critical documents on a cloud record management system so that they can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Cloud record management system has changed the way the enterprise world works in hitherto unimaginable ways. People are beginning to leverage the power of the Cloud to make life easier and ensure that important documents are accessible instantly, anytime and anywhere. When choosing a cloud-based document storage system, one needs to evaluate the options for features, functionalities and most importantly – security.

Top-notch security:

A cloud record management system can be of use to a professional if he can upload mission critical documents, secure in the knowledge that his confidential information cannot be hacked, stolen and misused. For some professions, data security forms the crux of the legal, regulatory and ethical guidelines that govern it. For example, for a healthcare professional, nothing is more important than patient confidentiality. If a healthcare professional were to consider uploading OPD files and doctor prescriptions to a cloud storage system, security of the uploaded documents would probably be top most in his list of concerns. Legal professionals need to maintain case files securely for long durations since courts take years to pass their verdict on a case, and the verdict may largely depend on the data contained in the files. It is important to choose a system that allows multi-level encryption and that even allows the user himself to encrypt his documents at varying degrees of complexity. It should allow multi-factor authentication and access control. With ViewMyRecords, users can avail all of the aforementioned security features and also control the period of validity of the link when shared externally.

Storage and access flexibility:

Professionals seeking to store documents on cloud must explore options that offer unlimited storage at low investments; options that support different document formats ranging from simple Word documents, PDFs to DICOM and AUTOCAD files, much like ViewMyRecords. Real time notifications on edits and changes made to documents, indexing, categorizing, tagging and search features are basic functionalities that can be of immense help to a busy professional who needs to access documents quickly on the go. It would be an added benefit if the documents could be tagged geospatially, thus informing the owner where the original physical copy is stored. Multi-platform, multi-device support and on-demand accessibility are some of the other functionalities that the cloud record management system provider needs to provide.

Timely response could spell the difference in the modern, complex and competitive business world. At the same time, professionals have lesser time to consult multiple physical files till they find the document they need. They need data at their fingertips as and when the need arises. Moving to cloud record management system is a logical step. And the right cloud storage platform could help organize documents in one place, streamline work flow, while also ensuring security and accessibility. ViewMyRecords is one such cloud record management system provider that empowers users with its rich sharing, collaborating and security capabilities.

In addition to document management system(DMS), View my records also provides cataloguing management and offsite physical storage as other key services.